Saturday, 26 July 2014

Noisy Bugs, Birds & Dog Walkers

I changed my clothes twice, took some Ibuprofen, found my sunglasses, put a key and my phone in my pocket and walked out the front door.

Today I went for my first post-surgery walk. Although I have only been hiding away for a week and a half, it feels like months. I walked up the road, through a small field, along another road and around a bigger field. The air was hot and heavy, the grasses and wild flowers were tall and tickled my ankles.

Perhaps it was my overly-sensitive mental state, I've possibly been spending too much time in the quiet, or maybe I've just never listened properly before ... but the field seemed incredibly noisy today! Bugs buzzing and whirring, a plane overhead, birds chirping, my own footsteps on the dry earth, the hum of distant traffic and an occasional "good afternoon" from a dog walker passing by. I'm telling you, it was LOUD out there!

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