Friday, 25 July 2014

Pathology & Paper Aeroplanes

On Wednesday evening I went back to the hospital so that my polite and pleasant surgeon could inspect my wound, and tell me what the laboratory people discovered when they carefully divided my breast into 14 slices and peered at it under a microscope.

The good news was that my sentinel lymph node had no cancer cells present. The troubling surprise was that I had a small invasive tumour in my breast, 4mm in size, in addition to the widespread DCIS cells that we already knew about. It's all gone now, gouged out with care, with satisfactory enough margins around the sides, he said. Now I await more test results (i.e. was the invasive cancer hormone and HER2 positive/negative) so I'll need to go back in a few weeks to see an oncologist and discuss what happens next.

So yesterday I felt compelled to share this medical information with all the lovely people who have been supporting me and wishing me well. Some emails, a few texts, a couple of phone calls ... I can't say I enjoyed spreading such news but it had to be done.

In the evening, Big G went to band practise so my little brother came round to keep us company. We sat outside in the warm summer air as the sun went down, sipping wine and chatting about our lives. The wildly overgrown trees and bushes around the garden towered over us, a leafy green blanket to protect us from the outside world. Little Boy B came out with a stack of paper and made paper aeroplanes of all different colours, testing out different designs and poking them out of the trees with the end of a badminton racket. Teen Girl L emerged from the shadows of the house, put down her mobile phone and made a paper aeroplane of her own. Soon all of us were folding. Some aeroplanes crashed, some were majestic gliders, some were speedy rockets, most just went a bit wonky and fell on the grass. It was a fun evening.

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