Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Boomtown Therapy

I had a ticket to the 80s Rewind Festival on Sunday and decided that I wasn't going to go. On the day, however, I thought that a little fun might do me good, so I went down and joined my sister and a couple of friends for 3 hours in the afternoon. I timed it so that I would get to see UB40 and the Boomtown Rats - I swooned and danced and grew up to both as a teenager, so it was surreal and brilliant to see them re-formed and performing hits from the 80s to an aging but loving crowd on this sunny afternoon on the banks of the Thames.

The legendary Bob Geldof was an eyeful. In a tight shiny grey suit he strutted through the old familiar punky songs, tossing his long grey hair and swearing and slagging off the crowd. In an affectionate kinda way. When Bob Geldof sang I Don't Like Mondays at Live Aid, back in 1985, he paused for a really long time after the line "and the lesson today is how to die". Do you remember? And the audience roared their love and support for the tragic millions of starving, famine-struck Ethiopians. He paused for a really long time after that line again on Sunday ... only this time, the audience roared their love and support for the tragic loss of a 25-year old heroine addict called Peaches.

It was emotional. It was fun. We danced and chatted for a few short hours, ate some hot chips and then I went home. I'm glad I went.

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  1. It's so easy, when one is going through a bad patch to get bogged down in it and want to hide away, but sometimes doing something really nice can help lift your mood. So glad you had a lovely time. Singing and dancing is good for you!