Friday, 8 August 2014

Life Haircut

Yesterday I posted a picture of myself onto my Facebook because I wanted a record of my longish dark hair in the summer of 2014. Nobody knows what will happen to it during chemotherapy - maybe it will fall out, maybe it won't, maybe it will grow back the same or maybe it will grow back grey and curly. Either way, I will find out over the next few months and I just need to grit my teeth and get on with it. My first chemo session is booked for the 2nd of September, and then I will have a dose every 3 weeks until mid-December.

I'm giving the rest of my life something of a haircut too. I need to concentrate on (a) health, (b) family and (c) job ... and I'm dumping, delegating or postponing everything else. I have a part-time job in marketing and I also do some freelance and voluntary work. As I struggle to fit everything in at the best of times, I'm worried about feeling ill and getting tired and not being able to cope with these extra demands while I have my treatment. So, with a heavy heart and a worried glance at my bank statement, the freelance work has to go.


  1. it was lovely to see you again at my place, could you contact me privately,, no pressure! MH xx

    1. WIth so much in front of you, you are right to concentrate on the most important aspects for now. A x