Friday, 24 October 2014

Enforced Glamour

There is a young woman who can usually be seen selling copies of The Big Issue on the streets of our town. She's been around for some years, although she is still quite young. Sometimes, if I have no cash or I'm in a hurry, I don't stop. But usually I do stop and buy one of her magazines and exchange a few pleasantries.

Today I saw her and asked her how she was, to which she replied, with her usual pained smile, "I'm tired today my love, I had a baby nine days ago so I'm very tired". Wow, congratulations, I replied, and asked her a few questions while she showed me a photo of a chubby little baby boy clenching his fists and dressed in a yellow sleepsuit. It can't be easy, standing out on the streets in the cold all day, trying to earn a living nine days after giving birth.

One of the reasons for going into town in the first place was to buy bottles of dark nail varnish. I don't usually wear the stuff, much to the annoyance of my 14 year old daughter who would love to paint my nails for me. However, I have just found out that Taxotere - the drug I'll be having for my next 3 chemo sessions - can have a damaging effect on nails if they are exposed to the light. So I've been advised to paint my finger and toe nails in dark colours for the duration of the treatment. How weird is that! Being forced to be more glamorous, for the sake of my health.

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