Thursday, 18 December 2014

6 Out of 6

The last of my 6 chemotherapy treatments was on Tuesday. It all went smoothly and I've had a couple of busy pumped-up days on anti-sickness steroids, getting lots of last minute things done in time for Christmas. I'm feeling energetic but I'm not sleeping well, so the tiredness is starting to creep in. I know that the weekend will be rough - it always is - but by next week I'll be on the road to recovery, without having to worry about the next chemo session. Because there isn't going to be one! I'm done!

My cancer treatment has dominated the second half of this year. I can hardly remember the spring and early summer, before my diagnosis. It seems like it was a different person, living that life. Many things haven't changed, but the way I feel about life has changed ... although all my fragile new thoughts and feelings are much too wobbly and jumbled to share yet on this blog.

The last week of the winter term is always a big yawn-fest. Over the last week my kids have dug deep and found the stamina to get through rehearsals, performances and exams, as well as the usual Christmas frivolities - they are exhausted and so ready for a holiday. Big G's sister will arrive from America next week, so we'll get the dog groomed and we've smartened up the bathroom and bought a new set of bed sheets in her honour. Let the Christmas season BEGIN!


  1. Happy Christmas! ... and before you know it those small soft green leaves will be unfurling on your tree with their new life, new beginnings.

  2. What a milestone--to be done with chemo. Good for you! A cancer diagnosis sure does have a way of making a year much different than we thought it might be. But we persevere and we gain new perspectives. Happy holidays!

  3. How great to wrap up the chemo before Christmas. I hope you are able to relax and enoy a peaceful holiday.