Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Back On The Drip

I am back in the Oncology unit today, but this time it's just for my intravenous dose of Herceptin, not chemotherapy drugs. These visits will continue every 3 weeks until November but hopefully it's no big deal, side-effects-wise, compared to what my body and head have been through over the last 4 months.

In fact I have rather enjoyed sitting still this morning and having time to think about what has happened to me and what might lie ahead. I read back through some of my chemo journal ramblings from September and October and shed a few tears, remembering, then I wrote a list of all the positive things I want to focus on this year. The themes are Recovery, Self-Care and Balance. How my ambitions have changed since this time last year!

Happy New Year dear blog readers. I hope 2015 brings you goodness, love and happiness ... after all, what else really matters?


  1. I love your ambitions. Self care ... balance ... we could all use those.

  2. I remember sitting in the chemo chair reflecting on life too. I am grateful I wrote down some of my thoughts at that time too. The cancer experience changes us in ways we can't know, except when we start living it. I will try to spread goodness, love, and happiness today. I hope your Herceptin side effects are manageable. Thanks!

  3. Happy New year to you and may 2015 bring healing and joy.