Thursday, 8 January 2015

Dreams of Leaving My Bubble

I've been having some bizarre dreams lately. Last night I dreamed that about 20 riotous kids were dropped off at my house for a sleepover, and the parents hadn't bothered to ask me if I would look after them. The downstairs was teaming with animals that I had to look after too - dogs, cats, badgers - and a comedy cartoon penguin that was hiding behind a curtain. Apart from the moment when I pulled back the curtain and the penguin and I exchanged shy smiles, the dream was rather stressful.

I think this was possibly a going-back-to-work-soon anxiety dream! I'll be going back on Monday, part-time as before, and my feelings about it are decidedly mixed ... a bewildering mix of excitement and terror, optimism and dread. For half a year I've been mostly hiding away looking after myself in my safe, quiet little bubble. So being back out in the real world, where people do actual work and don't wear sweatpants or take naps whenever they feel like it, is going to be something of a challenge.

I expect it'll be fine, I just need to get that first strange morning behind me. And maybe I can take the occasional nap under my desk when nobody's looking.


  1. It's probably the fear of the unknown you are dreading, but, as you say, once you've been back a few hours, you'll slip into the routine again. Wishing you well!

  2. I read that as "an occasional nip under my desk and I thought you meant you'd keep a bottle of booze stashed there!

    Good luck tomorrow!