Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Whole of the Moon

This morning in the car I heard this song by the Waterboys.

Five minutes of wistful pop perfection from the 1980's, this song never fails to take me away to a place of giddy smiles and misty-eyed dreams.

I watch my fascinating teenage-kids, cast my mind back 30 years to teenage-me, and remember quite well how it felt. I see the tensions in their young lives, the passion, the yearnings, the fears, the confusion, the struggle. I see the ambition, the joy, the silliness, the effort they make and and the innocent longing to be something significant, somebody good and happy.

Sometimes they drive me crazy but my love for them is enormous and my belief in them and their future is huge. I hope they get to hold a rainbow in their hands.

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  1. As maddening as tens can be, I found my own fascinating at times. It's such a tumultuous, powerful time in life.