Friday, 20 March 2015

Flower Power

When I woke up on Mother's Day I knew I had to stay in bed and await my Breakfast in Bed. It arrived. I sat up and put my glasses on. On my plate was a pancake, a fried egg and a pastry. It was balanced on a tray with a card, some mummy-presents and a crocus from the garden. Lovely.

Because my Mum and Dad were coming round for lunch, I had bought some supermarket daffodils and tupils - which I squashed into a too-small vase - and when Big G got home from work late in the evening he presented me with a bunch of Happy Mother's Day flowers from the petrol station. It's the thought that counts, and I love that he thought of it.

Later in the week, I painted this picture of some of those flowers, whose lives had been cut short to enrich the profits of Big Business ... but who brightened up my home, my heart and my sketchpad on Mothering Sunday.


  1. Wow - that is a beautiful piece of art. Speaks to me. Not at all bad for squashed-in-the-vase flowers.

  2. That's very sweet and also I love the painting of the flowers.